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John Jeremiah "Jay" Sweeney is a "Certified Senior Advisor" and for 20-years has specialized in providing Practical Financial Solutions for those 50 years old or older.

We offer the nation's best rated companies; some of which include John Hancock, MetLife, Genworth Financial, Prudential, Allianz, Med-America, ING, among others, depending on your own unique circumstance.

For over 8-years, Jay was the Regional Manager of what was then the GE Financial Long Term Care Division. As such, he is widely recognized as an industry expert and has been on numerous radio and television shows, informing the public about the critical issues that confront all of us as we age.

More often that not however, Jay especially enjoys speaking with people individually around the kitchen table in a friendly, simple, informative, and pressure free atmosphere.

"My clients like the fact that I'm their "advocate". We are not beholden to any particular insurance company, and we retain the right to give our clients personal choice of the best suited companies for their needs; and they differ greatly. This is what makes us different; having intentionally planned it so that the only people we're accountable to are our clients. I've helped hundreds of people between Boston through Cape Cod. I like to stay local, and my clients like it too because I'm always there for them."

In a recent interview, Sweeney was asked why he's so passionate about these issues.

"Life sometimes doesn't go according to our plans; there's always the unexpected. Personally, I've had two long term care crisis within my own family, and I think if given the choice - most parents want their kids to see them because they "Want To", rather than because they "Have To". At least that's how my Mother and Grandmother felt while I was caring for both of them. I feel good knowing that I'm helping people to avoid having to go through what my family and I went through. Caring for a loved one is not what most people envision; and it's not just stopping in to say hello or taking Mom to a doctor's appointment now and again. There's a lot more to it than that. Virtually everyone I speak with knows someone who has needed some form of assistance. I feel fortunate that I can help them before it's too late. I only wish that I knew back then what I know now; it would have made a big difference in my own family."

"Mr. Sweeney knows more about Long Term Care insurance than anyone else I've met".
(Michael Loring - Elder Law Attorney)

Jay and his family live on the South Shore.

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