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Simply stated, we provide “Practical Financial Solutions for a better Retirement”.
Common sense dictates that no one can be “The best at everything”, so we don’t try to be all things to all people. Rather; we “Specialize” in the concerns, and in providing appropriate financial solutions for those of us 50-years old and older.

President Bush signed the “Deficit Reduction Act” into law on February 8th of 2006.
This law has made sweeping new changes to Medicare, Medicaid, and in responsibility for paying your long term care bills when you become sick, injured, or simply older.

This is why both Advisors and Attorneys alike are now telling their clients to at least look into Long Term Care insurance as a way to protect your assets, your future dignity, and in guarding your independence. In Massachusetts, anyone taking personal responsibility by having even a minimal plan will protect their home from the Medicaid lien recovery laws

I’m not a newcomer in solving these problems; I’ve specialized in them for 20-years.”
        (Jay Sweeney)

Because we focus only on the issues concerning people over 50 years old, we know our business and your available options.

  • For people looking to protect assets, we offer “Long Term Care insurance”. This protection is much more than nursing home coverage for the elderly. If done properly it should be your nursing home “Avoidance” program, by providing you with assistance “in your own home” should a health change or an injury occur.
  • If your CD rates are low and taxation is bringing your gains even lower, it may be wise to investigate a “Senior Appropriate annuity” with deferred taxation and life-time income that cannot be out-lived.
  • If conditions are appropriate, we can offer a “Reverse Mortgage”. This federally insured program can be a Godsend for those who want ”tax free”, additional income using a “portion” of the equity in their home, without having to make conventional loan payments. Reverse Mortgages are up over 400% over last year, and currently AARP receives more telephone calls on them, than they do concerning Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security combined.
  • Life Insurance can be more than just a death benefit when we die. It can be an intricate planning tool used to decrease taxes, pass inheritance safely, or paying off a reverse mortgage so that your children get “all” of your assets, among other reasons.

Protecting Tomorrows Independence…Today

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